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  • What is the use of wire rope clips?

    1. The wire rope clamp shall buckle on the working section of the wire rope and the U-bolt buckle on the tail section of the wire rope. 2. Wire rope clips must not be alternately arranged on the wire rope. 3. The distance between the wire rope clamps is equal to 6-7 times the wire rope diameter....
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  • Stainless steel Thimbles connection

    Stainless steel Thimbles has a variety of connection methods. Common types of pipe fittings include compression, compression, live connection, push type, push screw type, socket weld type, live type flange connection, welding type and welding and conventional connection. Combined derived series ...
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  • What is the price of stainless steel Thimbles

    There are many types of stainless steel, and the price difference is also relatively large. From the point of view of production methods, there are plate types, casting types, and forging types. In general, the types of plates are cheaper, because most of the stainless steel plates are It is mas...
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  • The rigging Shackles in the use of the precautions

    1. Do not use damaged rigging 2, when lifting, do not twist, rigging 3, do not let rigging knot 4, to avoid tearing sewing commissure or overload work 5, when moving rigging, do not drag it 6, to avoid strong or shock load 7, each rig must be checked before each use 8、Polyester is resistant to ...
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  • Classification of lifting hooks

    The types of lifting hooks are various: eye-type catch hook, claw catch, eye-type slide hook, claw hook, tongue-shaped eye hook Claw angling hook with tongue G43/G70 eye hook Straight color cargo bar G70G43 Rotary hook G80 Eye grapple G80 Eye hooks Electroplating cargo hooks Original color unila...
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