There are more than 300 days have the New Year again

Think of New Year’s Eve last year

As if just a few days ago


Just a few days holiday

You are fat again

Wallet is thin


After work to see my colleagues

Frightened fat who are you


When I go home

You are everything to keep warm

Go out thick coat windbreaker cold

Do not wash your face three days



After work

To change back pink girl

Exquisite makeup

Sexy body



a new Year

New beginning

May your favorite people happen to like you too

May your newly tried food be better than expected

May your dreams never be forgotten

May your mood always be like Friday afternoon


May you also have weakness in armor

May you have high heels and running shoes

May you have a small teacup also have wine glasses

May your brave friends also have strong opponents


May you be a child forever

May your hearts be proud and merciful

May you be especially beautiful, calm, fierce and gentle

May all your experiences be joyous, and all things are good


Happy New Year Dog year


Post time: Sep-18-2018