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  • Lunar New Year Lantern Festival Fifteen

    Lunar New Year Lantern Festival fifteen Also known as “Shangyuan Festival” or Lantern Festival It is the first important festival after the Spring Festival The lunar January is the first month The ancients called the night as “night” and so Take the first full moon night o...
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    There are more than 300 days have the New Year again Think of New Year’s Eve last year As if just a few days ago   Just a few days holiday You are fat again Wallet is thin   After work to see my colleagues Frightened fat who are you   When I go home You are everything to keep warm Go out t...
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  • Rope Rigging Error Operation Jan 16, 2018

    1, complete sets of steel wire rope before use, the wire rope rigging hook directly linked to the center of force, can not be linked to the hook tip parts; 2, two rope rigging before use, the two rope rigging directly linked into the double hook, two rope rigging hanging in the double hook symme...
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  • Rigging Industry Big Development

    With the continuous development of rigging industry, market demand has also gradually increased, China has become a global manufacturing and consumer rigging. China’s economy continues to develop at a rapid pace with its export competitiveness strengthened and its exports also doubled. Rigg...
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  • Why Rigging Industry In China And International Brands Are Still Different

    Why rigging industry in China and international brands are still different   In China’s rigging market, Europe and the United States have been coexisting with domestic private enterprises all the time. High, medium and low producers coexist. In recent years, the development of China&#...
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  • Spreader Maintenance

    (1) spreader in the course of the use, such as the occurrence of screw rotation is not flexible or not in place, should check the adjustment nut, and then check the following parts: ① If the tension spring of the pawl is damaged, if it is damaged, it should be replaced; ② If the transmission mech...
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  • The Use Of Wire Rope Rigging

    Wire rope in the wet or open environment and other workplace can be used when the galvanized steel wire rope as raw material to enhance the anti-rust performance. In addition to the wear of the outer wire, the wire rope is gradually broken due to the repeated bending of the hook and the object wh...
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  • 8 Types Of Wire Rope Rigging

    1, pressed steel wire rope rigging (fiber core FC) 2, pressed steel wire rope rigging (steel core IWRC) 3, insert wire rope sets of rigging (fiber core FC) 4, insert wire rope sets of rigging (steel core IWRC) 5, the suppression of steel wire rope sets of rigging 6, inserted steel wire rope sets ...
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  • Shot Off The Test?

    1, should be smooth and smooth, no cracks, sharp edges and burned and other defects, the use of magnifying glass and other areas can be reviewed. 2, shackle to double the safety load as the test load to test. The shaft pin must not be permanently deformed and free to rotate after loosening. The l...
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