Rope Rigging Error Operation Jan 16, 2018

Rope Rigging Error Operation Jan 16, 2018

1, complete sets of steel wire rope before use, the wire rope rigging hook directly linked to the center of force, can not be linked to the hook tip parts;


2, two rope rigging before use, the two rope rigging directly linked into the double hook, two rope rigging hanging in the double hook symmetrical stress center position; the use of four rope rigging, every two wire rope With a direct hook into the double hook, pay attention to hook two rope rigging can not overlap and squeeze each other, four rope rigging symmetry to the hook force center;


3, lifting rigging sets should be avoided when the lifting angle of more than 60 °;


4, wire rope rigging is strictly prohibited, direct contact between the steel rope is prohibited, should be added shackles or rings apart.


It is necessary to understand and strictly implement standardized operation. Some of the taboo operations mentioned above should also be avoided. This will play a significant role in improving the safety and reliability of the equipment itself and the operation and work efficiency.

Post time: Sep-18-2018